The Opportunities for Florida Renewable Energy Abound with Available Solar Resources

Using the resources of the sun in Florida
Using the resources of the sun in Florida

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Florida is a target area for research on utilizing solar energy sources. Not only does this sunshine state have the potential to dish out energy to a large population, but so many people cannot live without solar energy, as energy costs become astounding with resources such as air conditioning being overused, especially in the sweltering summer months.

On a positive note, it has been discovered that there is great news when it comes to boosting solar energy power in Florida, thanks to various governmental agencies who are helping to provide this service through research and funding.

Research on Solar Energy in Florida

Scientists and environmental researchers are finding that the natural climate in Florida provides many natural resources that aid in solar energy. This includes indigenous foliage that can aid in solar energy. One example of the solar energy programs offered in Florida include various solar water heaters offered by many different energy saving programs. Solar panels are also a common feature to add to the roofs of homes, which allows for better attraction of solar energy power.

You can view some options and links to their websites at:

Another way Florida citizens can save energy sources, is by investing in a system which senses high use of equipment within homes or businesses, such as water heating devices, pools, and air conditioners.

Another solar energy center has targeted middle and high school students, attracting an array of scholarly interests that play a role in solar energy. This business runs an annual Olympics challenge for the students to participate, exercising many of their skills while learning more about saving energy with the use of solar energy.

More information on this event see the video below:

EnergyWhiz Olympics from Florida Solar Energy Center on Vimeo.


Government Funding and Savings

All of these new resources sound great, but where is the money coming from to fund them? Well, the government is very willing to dish out tax rebates and exemptions from sales taxes to their residents and business owners who obtain solar energy systems! Not to mention, the money that is saved by the sunshine state solar utilizer, with each solar energy use, rather than on electricity and oil. Other protest groups to electric energy are also putting forth various petitions against businesses such as factories that are releasing harmful emissions, and encouraging others to become active in making solar energy happen.

In addition to efforts on eliminating coal factories and other carbon emission sources, there are now several solar energy industries, which play a big role in creating solar powered vehicles and reducing harmful carbon releases. These industries are helping to wipe out thousands of greenhouse gases and ingestion of oil that has become an environmental and economic problem in America. That being said, considering a fuel efficiency car is also another way for solar powered inhabitants to save an extra dollar, when participating in solar energy in Florida.

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