US Military Looks to Solar Power for Energy Security

US military converts bases to solar power for energy security
US military converts bases to solar power for energy security

Solar Power for Energy Security – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

The US Military has said that America’s weakest link is our power grid. An attack on it could result in most of America being in the dark, the financial institutions being compromised, or our defense system failing. The only way to provide true energy security is to look to renewable energy sources like Solar Power. Technology and development has made this option more and more affordable, not just for the common man, but for the US Military as well. There is little to no reason why this resource could not light up America in a matter of years. 

Why Should the US Military Go Solar

The benefits of solar power are many and if you ignore the noise from the fossil fuel industry you see that the US military see them better than anyone may realize. The sun represents a power source that is absolutely secure and that will exist literally along as we will on this planet anyway. Solar energy technology allows access to this secure source of energy without being tied to a risky, high maintenance, fallible grid system.

Once powered by solar it means that if there was an attack on our power system the whole system would not fail.

Each important building can have its very own panel and charging station. What this means is that if my house was attacked the house next door would still have power. The concept means that all the important national sites like, the White House, the Pentagon, or the National Treasury would not all go down at once. Even if once city was tied into a single solar grid, a whole state is not likely to lose power.

Another great thing about solar power that makes it a must for the US Military, is that not all the US Military bases are likely to be attacked at once. It would be virtually impossible for a single attack to cause a dark out in all the US Military bases at one time. Even if one single base lost power the others would be able to reinforce it in a matter of time.

What is Stopping Us?

The answer is “nothing”, not even the politicians. If you watch what is happening with the clean energy and the US military it is easy to see the strategy here. Go Solar Now!


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