Solar Energy Monitoring Company Surpases 1 Gigawatt of Solar Capacity in the US

Locus solar energy monitoring
Locus solar energy monitoring

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Locus Energy, today announced that its fleet has surpassed 1 gigawatt (GW) of solar capacity in the United States. This milestone reflects record growth in the solar monitoring sector, which has outpaced solar market growth as owners and operators retrofit already installed systems with monitoring and install monitoring on new solar PV systems as they come online.

In another sign of its extraordinary growth, Locus has also announced the expansion of its team with three new members.

“The growth in the solar industry has resulted in a demand for sophisticated fleet management and analytics software to help asset managers better manage large fleets of solar installations,” said Michael Herzig, CEO.

Our growth is a result of our ability to meet that demand. As we push past the 1 gigawatt mark, we continue to refine and expand our offerings with the help of a talented technology team whose new members will help us continue our growth trajectory.

Locus provides solar monitoring hardware, as well as cloud-based fleet management software, Solar NOCTM, which helps solar asset managers manage large fleets of heterogeneous solar assets. In addition, Locus offers the PVIQ Suite of advanced analytics tools, which provides real-time intelligence on performance, allowing asset managers to easily identify which systems are not meeting performance expectations and the reasons for that underperformance.

Locus solar energy monitoring

Locus solar energy monitoring

PVIQ is comprised of three elements: Virtual Irradiance, or VI, a satellite-based irradiance modeling tool; the Waterfall performance report; and an Excel plug-in that allows users to stream data directly into spreadsheets, dramatically reducing the time required to prepare performance reports.

Collecting data from diverse solar assets spread over a wide geographical region and translating it into actionable operations and management (O&M) commands can be time-consuming and expensive for even the most experienced asset management teams. Locus’ software tools address this need, helping to accelerate the adoption of solar by streamlining O&M functions, increasing performance, decreasing O&M costs and mitigating risk.

“Locus is our go-to monitoring solution for our residential and commercial solar installations because their software tools make our job easier and impress our customers,” said Rick Berube, Executive Vice President, Operations at Standard Solar.

Locus’ staff and customer support personnel are knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with on a daily basis, and their technology is always ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation in solar.

The new team members will support Locus’ position as a leader in solar fleet management and analytics software. Locus’ hardware and software are now being used at nearly 70,000 sites by more than 500 customers including asset managers; engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractors; project developers; and O&M providers. Locus has been named the nation’s largest independent solar monitoring provider in the residential segment for two consecutive years.



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