Fueling One of the Fastest Growing Solar Energy Markets in the USA

Georgia becoming one of the hottest solar energy markets in the USA
Georgia becoming one of the hottest solar energy markets in the USA

Solar Energy Markets in the USA ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

(ASI) Distributed Generation (DG) program soliciting direct generation (DG) projects of varying sizes totaling 100 megawatts (MW). The company will acquire these solar resources using a combination of competitive bidding and fixed pricing. 

Potential applicants/bidders are encouraged to visit the program website at https://gpcasidg.accionpower.com for a full description of available projects.

The company is offering multiple events to help applicants/bidders learn more about the program:

  1. The company will host an informational interconnection webinar on Tuesday, May 19 at 2:00 p.m. EDT to outline costs and requirements of the program. Registration is required at the program website.
  2. Separate bidder and program conferences will be held on July 10, 2015, in Atlanta and via webinar. Registration for both conferences is required at the program website.

Interested in Bidding?

Potential applicants/bidders are also invited to review draft solicitation documents at the program website and to provide anonymous comments before Monday, June 1. All comments will be reviewed by Georgia Power, the Georgia Public Service Commission Staff and the Independent Monitor for the ASI program (Accion Power).

All proposals and communication must be through the ASI program website – Georgia Power will not accept phone, email or written correspondence regarding the program.

Georgia Power is adding renewable energy as part of a diverse generation portfolio and fueling the state’s momentum as one of the fastest growing solar markets in the nation. Through its various solar programs, the company is adding thousands of solar panels toGeorgia’s energy landscape. All of the company’s solar resources will have been procured at costs designed to prevent upward pressure on rates and ensure that solar offers the most value for Georgia Power customers.

To learn more about Georgia Power’s solar programs, including the ASI and services available for customers considering solar for their homes or businesses, visit www.GeorgiaPower.com/solar.


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