Careers in Clean Energy Technology

Careers in Clean Energy
Airborne wind turbines offer a unique career opportunity

Careers in Clean Energy – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center defines clean energy as heat and electricity that is produced from renewable sources. Such energy generates minimal or no emissions and pollution. In other words, they do not create environmental debt.

The Union of Concerned Scientists has voiced its concern over the use of traditional fossil fuels. It has advocated for sustained use of clean energy due to its immense benefits.

Types of Clean Energy

The following is a list of the types of renewable energy: solar, wind power, hydroelectric power, biomass, hydrogen and fuels, and geothermal power. Other forms of clean energy (though uncommon) are tidal power, wave power, wind power, radiant energy, and nuclear energy.

A career in wave or tidal energy maintenance takes some very specific skills

A career in wave or tidal energy maintenance takes some very specific skills

In a few cases, there has been a thin demarcation between dirty energy and clean energy. One of such cases is the use of natural gas. The answer concerning whether its dirty energy or otherwise has been largely subjective

Why You Should Take a Job in Clean Energy

Different people have different reasons for their motivation towards a certain career. A career in renewable energy offers good present and future prospects. Most importantly, it makes a sustainable difference to planet earth.
Another reason why you should take a career in clean energy is that there is a paradigm shift from both the government and the private sector to adopt a solid clean energy policy. The rate at which governments and other parties are investing in clean energy is sufficient proof that the use of clean energy will be the dominant foundation of the future energy consumption trends. By implication, there will be more opportunities in the sector.

Career Jobs in Clean Energy by Category

Solar PV Manufacturing Job Titles
-Logistics manager
-Module manufacturing engineer
-Production planner
-Wire Technology Engineer
-Silicon Crystal Growers
-Quality Insurance Manager
-Sales person
-Solar estimater
-Solar pv installers

The demand for trained solar pv installers around the world is growing quickly

The demand for trained solar pv installers around the world is growing quickly

Wind Power Development Job Titles
-Wind Data Analyst
-Wind Energy Forecasting and Resource Assessment
-Wind Plant Monitoring Technician
-Wind Plant Administrator
-Wind Field Technician
-Site Prospector

A career as a wind energy technician is not for everyone

A career as a wind energy technician is not for everyone

Smart Grid Technologies Grid Titles
-Electronic Test Technician
-Energy Systems Control Engineer
-Utility Program Manager
-Software Engineer
-Field Service Engineering Technician
-Test Automation Engineer

The Future of Clean Energy

In a nutshell, the future of clean energy is optimistic. By implication, clean energy jobs will be more available as more opportunities come up. For example, countries are making aggressive investments towards alternative energy. This has been precipitated by the need to reduce and eventually eliminate over-reliance on one source of power. Clean energy is also gaining popularity due to its positive contribution to the mitigation of the effect of climate change.

Opportunities around the world in Clean Energy.

The most effective way of securing a job in the renewable sector is through taking courses that are in tandem with the same. Every trade has its language and skills required. Clean energy jobs are no exception. It would be naive for one to assume that a clean energy job requires only general knowledge and passion.

One should also monitor the renewable energy trends and the projects in the conception and execution stage. Each project will need qualified and passionate team of professionals who can propel it to realizing its mandate. Overall, a job in the clean energy sector is both rewarding and satisfying.

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