My DiY Solar Thermal Dish Project

My Solar Thermal Energy DIsh Project
My Solar Thermal Energy DIsh Project

Solar Thermal Dish Project – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

We live in a world and age where harnessing renewable energy is more than a trend, but a necessity. As more and more homeowners are turning to solar energy to heat their homes, solar thermal dishes are becoming increasingly popular. This device is a parabolic dish specially designed to convert sunlight into electricity or heat.

These modern systems use satellite-like mirror dishes to focus the light from the sun onto a central receiver. So far, this device has the highest heat-electricity conversion rate among all solar panels, of up to 30%. My solar parabolic dish hot water heater in the above video features 4 by 4 inch mirrors. The dish itself is 10 foot in diameter and used to be a satellite antenna for television.

As you can notice, the sunlight my dish receives can easily be converted into heat that sets the wood panel on fire in less than 3 minutes. We also built a counterbalance system to balance the dish. The dish is equipped with all the bells and whistles to function properly. I can state that it serves its purpose well – it can heat 10 gallons of water in less than 10 minutes.

The great news is that you can start your own DiY Solar Thermal Dish Project today. In addition to being an affordable investment, a solar thermal dish helps you enjoy free energy to heat water or to charge your appliances. Best of all, this energy is renewable, so you will never run out of resources. A solar dish can be stacked for efficient shipping and storage, and is also rigid enough to hold in various weather conditions.

If you are in need of commercial solar dishes, you can check up the following companies: Wholesale Solar, Solar Thermal and Smart Power. Start your own DiY Solar Thermal Dish Project now and enjoy unlimited clean energy.

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