Biofuel Fuel Cell System Cogeneration Pilot Project Moves Forward in Mexico

GEI Global fuel cell
GEI Global fuel cell

Two American companies are partnering  in a cogeneration pilot project that will begin construction in  Mexico in the fourth quarter of 2015.  Golden Age Resources, an energy provider for large-scale “Green” power plants in Latin America and the Caribbean, will purchase a complete 5KW bio-fuel demonstration fuel cell system from their strategic partner, GEI Global Energy Corp.

The 100KW Cogeneration Pilot Project  is being built as part of a 2MW/hr output scalable WTE (Waste to Energy) plant using organic municipal and/or sisal waste.  Golden Age and GEI will be providing a 5kW/hour fuel cell unit with energy storage that can also be interfaced with solar panels.  The unit will also include a CHP heat exchanger for the heating of water and also includes 120/220vSP AC out and 48VDC out.

The fuel cell unit will be generating and storing electricity produced from methane biogas as the biofuel.  It will demonstrate the capabilities of larger units to increase output until the full capacity of the Cogeneration Pilot Project of 2MW/hr. has been attained.

Mr. Thomas Wolff, Vice President of Golden Age Resources Mexico S de R.L. stated: “The purchase of this unit allows for us to demonstrate the efficiencies of this new fuel cell technology in Mexico.”  Mr. Wolff further stated, “This unit allows us to produce and store electricity from produced methane biogas as biofuel and to show its effectiveness to both private, and public entities.”

Construction of the project is set to begin in fourth quarter of 2015, with an estimated build time and installation of 6 months.  The plant is scheduled for operation by the second quarter  of 2016.GEI Global fuel cell diagram


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