NREL Announces Its 2014 Utility Green Power Leaders

Utility Green Power Leader Portland General Electric
Renewable energy projects in Oregon - the nation's green utility leader.

The Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has released its assessment of leading utility green power programs. Using information provided by utilities, NREL has developed “Top 10” rankings of utility green power programs for 2014 in the following categories: total sales of renewable energy to program participants, total number of customer participants, the percentage of customer participation, and green power sales as a percentage of total utility retail electricity sales.

Ranked by renewable energy sales (megawatt-hours/year), Portland General Electric remained in the top spot by selling over 1.1 million megawatt-hours (MWh) of renewable energy through its voluntary green power program. Dominion Virginia Power was new to the top renewable energy sales list in the 8th spot. Green power sales of the top 10 utility programs exceeded 4.68 million MWh in 2014, up from 4.54 million MWh in 2013.

Ranked by the percentage of customer participation, the top utility was Portland General Electric’s Green Source program (12.33%), followed by Sacramento Municipal Utility District (2nd-11.76%) and Wellesley Municipal Light Plant (3rd-11.05%). Eversource/United Illuminating was new to the top participation rate list with 8.93% (5th), ranking after the Farmers Electric Cooperative of Kalona (10.46%-4th). In addition, ranked by number of customer participants, Portland General Electric and PacifiCorp both exceed 100,000 customers participating in green power programs during 2014.

Total Number of Customer Participants
(as of December 2014)
Rank Utility Green Power Participants
1 Portland General Electric 108,709
2 PacifiCorp 100,594
3 Xcel Energy 88,181
4 Sacramento Municipal Utility District 71,578
5 Puget Sound Energy 44,689
6 Eversource/United Illuminating 27,950
7 Dominion Virginia Power 25,298
8 DTE Energy (Detroit Edison) 23,102
9 Iberdrola: New York State Electric & Gas and Rochester Gas & Electric 18,561
10 Consumers Energy 18,071
Customer Participation Rate
(as of December 2014)
Rank Utility Participation Rate
1 Portland General Electric (Green Source) 12.33%
2 Sacramento Municipal Utility District 11.76%
3 Wellesley Municipal Light Plant (MA) 11.05%
4 Farmers Electric Cooperative of Kalona 10.46%
5 Eversource/United Illuminating 8.93%
6 PacifiCorp (Blue Sky Usage and Habitat) 8.90%
7 Silicon Valley Power 8.17%
8 Madison Gas & Electric Co 7.97%
9 City of Naperville (IL) 6.23%
10 River Falls Municipal Utilities 5.88%
Green Pricing Program Renewable Energy Sales
(as of December 2014)
Rank Utility Sales (MWh/year)
1 Portland General Electric 1,171,978
2 Austin Energy 683,986
3 PacifiCorp 673,977
4 Puget Sound Energy 450,191
5 Sacramento Municipal Utility District 446,995
6 Xcel Energy 377,480
7 Eversource/United Illuminating 250,456
8 Dominion Virginia Power 244,853
9 Tennessee Valley Authority 206,522
10 CPS Energy 170,931
Green Power Sales as a Percentage of Total Retail Electricity Sales (in MWh)
(as of December 2014)
Rank Utility Sales Rate
1 Waterloo Utilities 23.68%
2 City of Wellesley Municipal Light Plant (MA) 11.0%
3 Edmond Electric 10.45%
4 Portland General Electric (Green Source) 8.96%
5 River Falls Municipal Utilities 8.14%
6 Silicon Valley Power 5.31%
7 Austin Energy 5.20%
8 Pacific Power (Blue Sky Usage and Habitat) 4.98%
9 Sacramento Municipal Utility District 4.31%
10 City of Palo Alto (CA) 3.23%


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