Goal Zero’s Battery Storage for the Solar Charging Outdoor Enthusiast

Goal Zero Venture 30 and solar kit

Goal Zero, the leader in portable solar power, today announced availability of the Venture 30 Recharger. The innovative recharger features smart charging profiles and patent-pending designs that lend to its weatherproofing and ruggedizing.

The Venture 30 Recharger is intended to charge smartphones, tablets, and other USB-powered devices in unpredictable environments, yet still be practical enough for everyday use. It is the only portable power product on the market that is weatherproof (IPX6) without any port-covering plugs. In order to create its rugged, weatherproof body, Venture 30 went through innovative engineering, design and manufacturing processes that have never been done in portable power.

Additional features of the Venture 30 include the following:

  • 30Wh, 7,800mAh Power Pack. Power phones (2-3 times in one charge), tablets (1 time) and more. Lightweight and packable from the airport to the trail.
  • High-speed USB 4.8A across dual ports. Two high-speed ports capable of dishing out up to 2.4A at the same time. Power two devices at once or share with a buddy. Smart-charging sequence optimizes USB output to match devices without overcharging or overheating.
  • Solar Ready and Built-in Charging Tip. No extra cables to lose. Charge up in four hours from USB, or in nine hours of full sun from the Nomad 7 Solar Panel. Pass-through power enabled to charge in and charge out at the same time.
  • Waterproof in Use. Dunk it, spray it, use it in the rain. With an IPX6 weatherproof rating, this charger is safe in all environments. No rubber plugs needed.
  • 60 Lumen Flashlight. Doubles as bright flashlight with strobe settings.
  • Built-in Micro USB Tip. Tangle-free charging for phones and tablets.

The Venture 30 is available today for $99 or $169 paired with a Nomad 7 Solar Panel, at REI and GoalZero.com. For more information about the Venture 30, visit http://www.goalzero.com/venture30.

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