One of a Kind Solar Canopy Charging Station at DFW Airport Hotel

Solar Canopy Element Hotels
Solar Canopy at Element Dallas Fort Worth Airport

Deep in the heart of America’s fossil fuel state, has unveiled a truly beautiful canopy who’s nature inspired design is will recharge both the user and their electronic device.  The hotel collaborated with  Sistine Solar, Inc.— a company that uses innovative design to change the way the world thinks about solar power — to produce a one-of-a-kind solar canopy.

The unique Solar Canopy charging station, designed in partnership with Brooklyn-based architect, Ajmal Aqtash, will allow guests to recharge their personal electronic devices with the power of the sun while they relax in the shade.  The canopy also has integrated LEDs that allow for it to be enjoyed at night as well. The design is very aesthetically pleasing and is a true example of how solar power can be stylish as well as functional.  Try to accomplish that with fossil fuels!

We strongly believe in the transformative power of design,” commented Ido Salama, Co-Founder of Sistine Solar. “In working with a forward-thinking and powerful brand like Element, we see a tremendous opportunity to radically change people’s perceptions of renewable energy. Instead of hiding panels where no one will see them, as is often the case, we design our panels to be admired from up-close and from afar. We marry form and function to produce a one-of-a-kind guest experience – the magic happens the moment a guest plugs in their device, admires the beautiful nature-inspired design, and makes the connection that our sun is providing clean and renewable energy. In this way, we hope people will begin to see sustainability in a new light, accelerating the adoption of clean energy.”

Element is the first major hotel brand to mandate that all properties pursue the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification for high-performance buildings.  The company plans to install the Solar Canopy at Element’s 20 hotels around the world.


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Tracey is an accountant and entrepreneur with a passion for nature. This passion is what spurred her interest in renewable energy, and the rest is history as they say. Tracey is a principal in Energy Think Group, the publisher of Solar Thermal Magazine and Tek-Think. She is also the principal at Women's Financial Help Desk. She spends her free time in the outdoors with her horses and dogs. She loves to travel.

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