Opportunity Knocks for Solar Energy Jobs in India

Solar energy jobs in India on the rise
Solar energy jobs in India on the rise

Solar Energy Jobs in India – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)
India is one of the countries that has manifested a vast power potential being one of the countries with the highest power radiation. By 2013, the country was the largest producer of electricity with the government becoming more aggressive about its solar power policy. Having said that, there has never been a better time to explore the available job opportunities in the solar energy sector in India.
The Solar Energy Landscape in India

Despite India’s major steps forward in providing energy to its citizens, 800 million Indians still use traditional fuels in their cooking and heating solutions. By implication, there are still ample opportunities when it comes to the provision of energy products and services in India. For example, Bangalore continues to show high demand for roof top solar heaters. Similarly, solar PV water pumps are used to support sustainable agriculture through irrigation. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy provides a subsidy of 30 to 40 % subsidy for some types of solar products such as lanterns.

There are various researchers and agencies which have made projections on the future electricity needs in India. For example, the International Atomic Energy Agency says that India will have a higher electricity demand thanks to the country’s fast growing GDP. The country targets to obtain approximately 8,000 billion kWh per year by the year 2052.

Solar Energy Job Opportunities in India

One of the most pronounced solar energy position is that of a solar technician.Solar technicians execute the following duties: installing solar panels on roofs, assembling and maintaining solar panels on grids, and application of weather sealing to the power system. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, India, periodically offers positions in junior and senior technical solar trainees. Their role includes investigation of solar energy projects, preparation of project reports, and carrying out research related to solar energy.

Other positions available in the solar energy sector includes the following: solar engineer prototype designer, IT designer, Tele marketer, marketing manager, sales manager and officers, accountant, energy intelligence analyst, research fellow, and business development manager.

There are a number of established solar energy companies in India. Welspun Energy is based in New Delhi and is the biggest developer of solar energy solutions in India. ReNew power is a reliable provider of services in solar energy, wind power, and solar rooftop power. Others include Moser Baer Solar Limited and Su-Kam Power Systems.

Required Credentials

Like in most of other fields, solar energy jobs in India are not immune to competition. It is not uncommon to find Indian and foreign companies in India requiring a Bachelor of Technology or Bachelor of Engineering. Other relevant qualifications include advanced postgraduate diploma and a diploma in renewable energy with a bias in solar energy.

In more senior positions, having a graduate degree is an added advantage.

Other ways of acquiring the necessary qualification in solar energy jobs including enrolling for the relevant online courses, on the job training that can last from as short as one month to as long as one year, training provided by systems manufacturers as part of their marketing strategy, and taking an apprenticeships in any field related to electricity.


Securing a solar energy job is not just any other opportunity to earn a living. Rather, it is one of the most satisfying jobs that one can have. This is because one is contributing to sustainable development of a country. By extension, one feels proud to be part of the global efforts in going green and promoting environmental preservation.

There are many solar energy job opportunities that can be exploited in India. However, it is paramount that one tailored the courses based on the general topic of renewable energy and consequently develop a niche in solar energy. Monitoring the emerging trends manifests the willingness to join the solar energy sector. Most importantly, the willingness and ability to take lower ranked positions such as internships will give one the much needed entry point, skills, and experience to take higher positions available in the solar energy sector in India.

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