Germany Will Lead Annual Offshore Wind Installations in 2015 as UK Loses Top Spot

Siemens offshore wind farm - Middelgrunden
The iconic Middlegrunden wind power plant is located close to Copenhagen Harbor in Denmark. The farm consists of 20 Siemens 2 MW turbines. Image courtesy of Siemens

According to the latest report from research and consulting firm GlobalData, Germany is poised to become the world’s leading market for annual offshore wind turbine installations.  The country will add an impressive 2,071 megawatts (MW) this year, which represents an almost fourfold increase from the 529 MW that they installed last year.

It really looks like 2015 is going to be a big year for offshore wind energy as the report estimates that global annual offshore wind installations will more than double from 1,681 MW in 2014 to 3,903 MW.  They expect the trend to remain strong in 2016 with installations of 3,255 MW forecast.

Ankit Mathur, GlobalData’s Practice Head for Power, says that while Germany’s annual offshore installations will soar this year, UK additions will remain relatively steady, decreasing marginally from 813 MW in 2014 to 801 MW in 2015. Furthermore, the UK will slip down to third place in the rankings, as China surges into second position with 817 MW in 2015.

Other significant points of interest from the GlobalData report were as follows:

  • China will overtake the UK in annual installations of offshore wind energy projects this year.
  • China is expected to maintain annual offshore wind installations around the 1 Gigawatt mark.
  • Order intake for offshore wind turbines last year  rose at a phenomenal compound annual growth rate of  36.7% from 288 MW in 2013 to 1,346 MW in 2014.
  • Siemens remained the market leader in 2014 with an offshore order intake of 690 MW, followed by Areva with 350 MW.

Below is a really wonderful video from Siemens on how an offshore wind farm is built.  It is quite a feat of engineering:



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