CEO of Renault-Nissan Calls for People to Buy Electric Cars

Buy Electric Cars
People need to buy electric cars

Buy Electric Cars – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

Carlos Ghosen, who is the CEO of the Renault-Nissan Group, says that it is in everybody’s interest for electric cars to be developed in China, the largest automobile market, as the world’s car manufacturers meet for the Shanghai Auto Show.

He goes on to say that the main problem today is that people are not buying enough electric cars around the world. In order to Renault to expand it’s manufacturing footprint into China they were required to sign an agreement to produce emission free electric cars. This is an indication of just how serious the country and Renault are taking the necessity of clean electric vehicles.

Renault CEO calls for electric cars

Renault CEO calls for electric cars

China has several of its own homegrown automotive companies, most of which are now offering a zero emissions vehicles and the market is projected to be enormous with over 2 billion people in China alone.

Renault electric cars at Shanghi Autoshow 2015

Renault electric cars at Shanghai Auto-show 2015

Recently the country has been putting a very high emphasis on clean energy technologies and clean transportation as the country struggles with severe air pollution and growing cancer rates due to air quality.

People need to buy electric cars

People need to buy electric cars

Renault has obviously set it’s sights on China and electric cars as part of their business model for expansion.

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