New Report Evaluates Select U.S. Senators’ Votes and Actions on Clean Energy

U.S. Senate clean energy

 With baseball season upon us and the 114th Congress in full swing, the Sierra Club has released “Scouting the 114th Congress: Polluters Are Out Of Their League”, a new baseball-themed report examining how this Congress has performed so far this season. The new report evaluates select Senators  on twelve votes, cosponsorship, and other actions taken so far in the 114th Congress, including key votes on climate action, clean energy, energy efficiency, and clean air. The selected Senators include those leading the team on these issues, those leading the opposition, and those Senators that are on the radar, having yet to sign-on fully on with one team or another.

The report also includes vote descriptions and key quotes from the Senators on the most pressing issues, all captured on themed baseball cards featuring the Senators and their records. It’s all a part of the Sierra Club’s efforts to shine a light on the record of the polluter-backed Congress that received upwards of $721 million in oil, gas, and coal backing to attack popular safeguards that protect American families and communities.

“Across our forests, farms and oceans we are seeing the effects of climate change, not just in distant lands but right here in America. This is too important of an issue for Congress to ‘strike out,’” said U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley. “Sierra Club is doing great work engaging Americans on the health of our nation and planet and I will continue to fight with them to stop the devastating effects of climate change.”

“The season in Washington is young, but we’ve already seen way too many attacks on our clean air and clean water. Big polluter-backed politicians are striking out for their constituents by taking swings at critically important safeguards that protect the health of our families and our communities,” said Michael Brune, Executive Director of the Sierra Club. “Of course, some in the Senate are bucking the trend and going to bat for American families and the booming clean energy economy. It’s about time the Senate gets on the same team and starts playing for the American people, not polluters.”

In this new Scouting Report, Senators are divided into teams based on their records: The Fossil Fools, sponsored by big polluters and going to bat for dirty fuels, dirty air, and dirty water every chance they get; the Clean Air Aces, who are lining up with the American public to score for clean energy, clean air, and climate action that families and communities deserve; and finally, those players that are on the radar, who aren’t in either team’s dugout just yet.

Check out the report, the baseball cards, and the results here

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