Perfecting an All Electric Powered Bus is NO Easy Feat!

The Proterra all electric public transit bus

All Electric Powered Bus – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

Electric vehicle design is more challenging the bigger the vehicle you are trying to electrify.  A larger heavier vehicle requires more power to allow it to accelerate and reach speed which in an electric design must be provided from many banks of batteries all of which add to the weight. These vehicles must be able to go up steep grades be able to travel long distances without recharging

New advances in battery technology has resulted in improvements in what is known as energy density or the energy provided for the weight of the cells.

Recently one company, Proterra Inc., has launched a new extended-range product line named as the TerraVolt™ XR extended-range battery. With this new battery, Proterra buses can be configured to travel up to 180 miles between charges.

Top speed of the all electric bus

Top speed of the all electric bus

This newest high energy density battery complements the existing TerraVolt™ FC fast-charge battery which has been extensively tested over nearly one million customer revenue miles.

Proterra electic buses

Proterra electic buses

Matt Horton, vice president of sales and marketing at Proterra, Inc commented on the announcement:

Operating successfully in cities across the country, the Proterra Catalyst™ is the most energy-efficient transit bus on the market. Adding extended-range capabilities to our existing portfolio of fast-charge products, enables us to help our customers meet more of their most demanding service requirements. The flexibility of our platform allows our customers to more confidently invest in the future of transit.

The fast-charge Catalyst™ FC is now available in configurations carrying between 53 kWh and 131 kWh of energy storage and can be fully recharged in under 10 minutes.

The extended-range Catalyst™ XR is now available in configurations carrying between 129 kWh and 321 kWh of energy storage and can be recharged in a little over an hour.

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