Is Storing Energy In A Bag Under The Ocean The Answer To Energy Storage?

Testing the energy bags underwater off the coast of Scotland
Testing the energy bags underwater off the coast of Scotland

The Answer to Energy Storage – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

With most form of renewable energy, one of the biggest challenges in competing with conventional sources of power is being able to provide the energy 24 hours a day. Solar energy needs the sun and wind energy needs the wind, where other energy technologies simply need a constant supply of coal or gas or radioactive material to be able to generator 24/7.

Interesting , wave and tidal energy are very constant and predictable but for now this is very new area of research.

Wave energy as a technology is very mature with turbines being installed all around the world both on land and offshore. Wind, how ever can be a fickle and unpredictable source of power so powering a grid only with wind is problematic at best. The answer lies in developing a cost effective method to store renewable generated energy so that it can be used when needed by the demand of the grid.

Storing energy underwater using energy bags

Storing energy underwater using energy bags

In this video you witness the work a very persistent inventor that is convinced that his energy bags are the answer we have been looking for. ( You have to be persistent and driven as an inventor, right?)

Energy bag concept stores energy as compressed air

Energy bag concept stores energy as compressed air

The concept is really simple. Take the energy from a wind turbine and instead of using it to generate electricity right away, use it to pressurize the air in a specially designed submerged air bag for use later utilizing the pressure of the water to keep the air contained.

The team has also designed an ingenious way to sink and float the airbag when needed without sending down divers.

Take a look and see if you agree that this technology is viable and cost effective and if we will be seeing lots of energy storage bags in the near future.

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