The First Solar PV Service Company to Exceed 10 GWp of Monitored Power

Monitoring systems for solar pv installations
Monitoring systems for solar pv installations

Solar PV Service Company – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

meteocontrol has become the first solar PV service company to exceed 10 GWp of monitored power. As a front-runner among the inverter-independent providers of solar PV monitoring systems, meteocontrol has roughly 37,500 monitored PV systems, covering a total area of 3,746 soccer fields. The total power is equivalent to connecting 3.8 nuclear power plants the size of the Gundremmingen plant in Germany to the grid.

The PV systems are primarily monitored with the proven data loggers WEB’log and the new blue’Log X series. meteocontrol can, however, also add data from different systems from third-party providers to the central platform. In addition to remote monitoring of commercial PV systems with its Industrial Line, meteocontrol also offers product solutions for the private sector. With over 30 years of experience, meteocontrol offers sophisticated product solutions and comprehensive services.

meteocontrol is a member of SFCE Shunfeng International Clean Energy Limited and is headquartered in Augsburg. With subsidiaries in Moers, Milan, Lyon and Madrid, a sister company in the United States, and numerous partner companies, meteocontrol is internationally active and has so far been involved in projects with a total investment volume of more than 13 billion euros.

The focus of its product developments and services is on the grid-specific and country-specific requirements for implementing feed-in management. With the recent launch of its blue’Log X data logger series, meteocontrol also offers a system that makes monitoring even more secure and efficient. Live measured values ensure quick response times and maximum yield assurance.


About meteocontrol:

meteocontrol arose out of an engineering office for solar technology established over 30 years ago. Since the reorganization in 2002 it has developed into an internationally active company with about 100 employees. With various branches in Germany and Europe and a sister company in the USA, meteocontrol is represented around the world and continues to expand in new international markets.

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