Ten Game Changing Companies in the Field of Clean Energy Technologies

The Ceo of BBoxx Solar shows of his product

The New leaders in Clean Energy Technologies – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

Bloomberg New Energy Finance today announced its selection of the 2015 New Energy Pioneers – game-changing innovators who are revolutionizing the energy sector. The diverse group (listed in full below) represents a broad range of industries including advanced transportation, bioenergy, energy storage, solar and wind.

The 10 winners were recognised on stage at the eighth annual Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit in New York City. By rewarding game-changing innovators, Bloomberg New Energy Finance hopes to show the profound transition in today’s energy system, towards new business models, technologies and market structures that are creating great commercial opportunities.

An independent panel of industry experts, assisted by our technology experts, selected the 10 winners from a high volume of applicants from around the world. Each candidate was assessed against three criteria: potential scale, innovation and momentum. Each New Energy Pioneer has a combination of innovative technologies and business models, the ability to demonstrate substantive progress in their activities, and the potential for global scale.

Michael Wilshire, Selection Committee Chair and Head of Analysis of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, said:

This year, we were delighted to have a very strong set of candidates for the New Energy Pioneers programme, drawn from a wide spectrum of sectors – including solar, wind, storage, transport and bioenergy. We were struck by the amount of innovation that these organisations display and the impact that they are already having on the energy system of the future. We are again very grateful to our group of external judges who had the challenging task of narrowing this field down to a final set of 10 winners.

Proterra all electric bus manufacturer

Proterra all electric bus manufacturer is one of the 10 companies highlighted

The 2015 New Energy Pioneers ( in alphabetical order) are:

  1. BBOXX (UK) designs, manufactures, finances and sells off-grid solar products to rural areas of developing countries, and offers a monthly payment plan on mobile for customers.
  2. Blade Dynamics (UK) has designed and built a unique modular blade to combat the problems of weight, cost, manufacturability and transportability associated with larger wind turbines.
  3. Cool Planet (USA) produces a carbon negative cellulosic gasoline that could be one of the only products that meet the US biofuel policy mandates, and also produces biochar to reach a negative carbon footprint.
  4. Elevance Renewable Sciences (USA), a specialty chemicals company, uses a proprietary, Nobel Prize-winning technology to convert vegetable oils to a range of renewable chemicals.
  5. Greensmith’s (USA) systems combine cloud computing with battery storage and management technologies to help solve complex problems related to critical changes unfolding on the electrical grid.
  6. Lehigh Technologies (USA) takes end-of-life tires and produces micronized rubber powder (MRP) that can be incorporated back into tires or asphalt or plastics, providing lower costs, lower CO2 footprint and an increased product life compared to oil-based inputs.
  7. Locus Energy (USA) helps drive the solar energy sector by providing real-time monitoring and analytics intelligence tools to stakeholders in the residential, commercial and utility-scale PV markets.
  8. Proterra (USA) designs and manufactures zero-emission, battery-electric vehicles enabling bus fleet operators to reduce operating costs and deliver clean, quiet transportation to the community.
  9. Sonnenbatterie (Germany) is one of the leading residential energy storage system providers in Germany, catering to homes and small businesses that want to be independent from conventional power supply.
  10. Stem (USA) a leading provider of intelligent energy storage, combines big data, predictive analytics and energy storage to simultaneously lower electricity costs for businesses, and deliver services to the grid.

The New Energy Pioneers program partners are Cycle Capital Management and CohnReznick.

Cofounder of BBoxx Solar, one of the 10 companies highlighted as Game Changers

Cofounder of BBoxx Solar, one of the 10 companies highlighted as Game Changers

Here is a video from one of the 10 companies, BBoxx


For more information on the New Energy Pioneers program, visit: http://www.newenergypioneers.com/

For more information on the Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit, visit: http://about.bnef.com/summit/

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