Industry Moving Quickly to Add Energy Storage to Renewable Energy Technology

ZBB energy storage working to store clean energy from solar and wind

Add Energy Storage to Renewable Energy Technology – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

Renewable energy technology such as wind and solar pv has progressed to the point that it makes sense economically to install systems both large and small around the world in fast growing quantities. The weakness of this approach is the ability to produce energy even though the sun is not shining or the wind is not blowing and researchers everywhere are working to perfect various forms of energy storage.

In some cases clean energy providers are partnering with energy storage companies to develop new solutions. Here is another example of the industry moving towards clean energy storage infrastructure.

Solar Power, Inc, today announced its intention to enter into a strategic partnership with ZBB Energy Corporation. The proposed strategic partnership includes a supply agreement pursuant to which ZBB will supply SPI with energy storage systems with total combined power output of 40 megawatts (MW) over a period of four years.

Energy storage for renewable energy projects

Energy storage for renewable energy projects

The energy storage market has experienced rapid growth, driven by commercial, industrial and residential customers seeking energy savings from solar and emergency back-up power from storage. In addition, utilities are increasingly seeking energy storage solutions that can make the grid more resilient and less susceptible to failure.

Integrating renewable energy with energy storage and the power grid

Integrating renewable energy with energy storage and the power grid

“This proposed partnership between SPI and ZBB is all about accelerating global solar penetration through the marriage of solar plus storage,” said Xiaofeng Peng, Chairman of SPI.

Energy storage systems are becoming vital to PV system expansion worldwide due to a number of factors, and we believe that ZBB’s leading technology will help SPI become an early-mover in capturing this huge global opportunity. In particular, the global shift toward distributed generation (DG) solar has magnified the need to develop viable energy storage solutions for the commercial and industrial segments. We believe the integration of storage and energy management will become an increasing differentiator for solar companies, and this partnership positions SPI strongly to address these needs in the coming years.

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