Moving an Entire Navy to Alternative Energy Sources for the Energy Security of a Nation

Alternative Energy Sources -
Fueling a Navy car with hydrogen

Alternative Energy Sources – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

One of the largest consumer of fossil fuel energy and therefore producer of CO2 emissions is the Military with the U.S. being the largest across all 3 branches. In 2013 the US Department of Defence  spent $14 billion for operational mission fuel alone. The US DOD has a stated goal that by the year 2020 they will derive at least 50% of their fuel requirements from alternative sources.

U.S.Navy expanding Renewable Energy in Hawaii

U.S.Navy expanding Renewable Energy in Hawaii

In Hawaii the Applied Research Laboratory with the University of Hawaii, using funding provided by the Navy are researching these different forms of alternative energy.

Huge DOD spending on energy and fuel

Huge DOD spending on energy and fuel

You can learn more about the greening of the US navy on their Green Fleet website.

US Navy project Green Fleet

US Navy project Green Fleet – moving to alternative energy.


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