Solar PV Panel Manufacturing Returning to the Netherlands

Orange solar to start manufacturing in the Netherlands
Orange solar to start manufacturing in the Netherlands

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Orange Solar has announced that is plans to set up a solar module factory in West-Brabant in the Netherlands with a production capacity of 70 megawatts, or 280,000 solar modules. The company reports that the factory will create jobs for 60 people and will be accomplished in two phases.

Phase 1, encompassing a production line of 15 megawatts of flexible solar modules, will be realized in the third quarter of 2015.

With the opening of a new factory, our board of directors hopes to herald the return of the European solar industry. ‘

“Where the production of solar modules in Europe and in the Netherlands has all but disappeared in the past few years, this will be the kick-off of a revival’, state Guust Verpaalen (CEO) and Walter van Loon (CCO and founder of Orange Solar Power).

The direct investment in the new factory amounts to 5 million euros and offers a significant contribution to local employment.

Phase 1
In phase 1 of Orange Solar Power’s project the factory will start up a production line of 15 megawatts for the ‘Monoflex’ modules.

These flexible solar modules have several unique qualities:


  • Monoflex modules are lightweight and are therefore applicable to a wider range of rooftops;
  • Monoflex modules are bendable whereby they can be mounted on curved surfaces such as bus or bicycle shelters,
  • building facades, and curved architectural designs;
  • Monoflex modules have a high cell efficiency of 18%;
  • Monoflex modules can be supplied in multiple sizes and configurations.

Phase 2
In phase 2 of tour project a production line of 55 megawatts will be installed in the factory in West-Brabant to manufacture ‘standard’ solar modules. This production line will be operational by the end of 2015. In time, the factory will create jobs for 60 people.
Monoflex solar modules, soon to be made in the Netherlands


‘We work with the newest technologies and Orange Solar Power is going to produce durable solar modules of the highest quality’, explains CEO Guust Verpaalen.

Eventually it is the people that make the real difference. In light of this, the recruiting and selection process in the period ahead will enjoy our fullest attention. In the start-up phase we are talking approximately 15 job opportunities, and in the second phase the organization will grow to include an expected 60 people.

CCO Walter van Loon explains:

We are going to be looking for people with the ‘Orange Solar Power factor’: reliability, innovation, and passion are paramount.

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