Solar Engineering in Uganda Leads to a Cheap Solar Cooker Design

Covering the homemade solar cooker
Covering the homemade solar cooker

Cheap Solar Cooker Design – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

One of the great characteristics of solar energy is that in its most raw form ( heat) it is easy to find ways to make use of the energy whether it is heating or cooling systems or cooking. Even today there are still more than 1.2 billion people in the world that do not have access to electricity and rely on wood or coal to cook their meals.

In many of these developing countries the are blessed with very good solar resources meaning that the sun shines for most days a year.

Solar cooking is becoming more popular in many of these same countries as well as in some developed countries as a cost savings. There are many different ways to build a solar cooker and you can even buy them commercially if you like.

Homemade solar cooker using an old car tire

Homemade solar cooker using an old car tire

Here is a very simple design for a solar cooker using simple materials such as an old car tire, aluminum foil and a pane of clean glass. Moses from Uganda uses his knowledge of concentrated solar power and available materials to make a device that easily cooks his lunch for free and with no emissions.

The car tire acts as a support structure that helps to establish the curvature for the foil which is the reflective surface used to concentrate the sun’s rays.

This design is easy for people all over the world to do and certainly fun to try in your own backyard.

Cooking lunch with a homemade tire solar cooker

Cooking lunch with a homemade tire solar cooker

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