The Clear Advantages of Concentrated Solar PV Technology CSPV

The science of concentrated solar pv
The science of concentrated solar pv

Concentrated Solar PV Technology – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

Among all solar technologies that are available, concentration photovoltaic or CPV is one of the most efficient. CPV technology is based on high-efficiency triple-junction cells, used in the aerospace industry since the 90’s, reaching conversion rates exceeding 40%  which is well above traditional silicon system that are still struggling to offer more than 20%.

In the lab with a CSPV dish

In the lab with a dish

In the form of a sun tracking dish, this csp system is very scalable and easily installed. Here are the advantages of a csp system over conventional solar pv technology.

Benefits of cspv technology

Benefits of cspv technology

Simple solar pv systems have dominated consumer sales as of late due to the low cost and almost zero maintenance.

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