Will the Amish Accept a Solar Powered Future?

Solar Powered Future
The Solar Powered Amish Wagon

Solar Powered Future – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

The Amish community is best known to the non-Amish population for their horse drawn black carriages travelling along the roadways near to their communities. These carts are typically very utilitarian in design with black being the only color offered with no real creature comfort options.

The horses that pull these carriages work hard each day and are retired early more or less worn out from the chore.

Now, an inventor has come up with a version of the Amish wagon ( also in black) that requires no horse or fossil fuels but rather solar electric.

Navigation system gps in solar powered Amish cart

Navigation system gps in solar powered Amish cart

The design even includes a gps to ensure you do not get lost on the way to market.

The Solar Powered Amish Wagon

The Solar Powered Amish Wagon

It will be interesting to see, if this will be embraced by the Amish community or rather it is inline with their believe structure. I am sure the horses hope this is the case.

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