Vivint Solar is Now a Recruiting Partner in the U.S. National Solar Energy Initiative

Solar ready vets applying for jobs in the US solar industry
Solar ready vets applying for jobs in the US solar industry

U.S. National Solar Energy Initiative – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

We have had lots of questions from readers in the U.S. that are interested to be part of the 75,000 workers needed to support the advance of solar energy announced recently by President Obama. This is especially true of the Solar Ready Vets program.

Here’s how Solar Ready Vets works:

  • It is tied into the Department of Defense’s SkillBridge Initiative — meaning the program is open to active military personnel who are within a few months of moving to veteran status.
  • Trainees participate in intensive four- to six-week training courses where they learn how to size and install solar panels, connect electricity to the grid, and interpret and comply with local building codes.
  • Trainees receive hands-on instruction using industry-standard equipment from master trainers with SunShot’s Solar Instructor Training Network.
  • The program covers a wide range of solar energy careers, including solar photovoltaic system installers, sales representatives, system inspectors and more.
  • There is no cost to participating service members.

Recruiting partners being announced.

Also, Vivint Solar, has announced that they are to be a recruiting partner in the national solar energy initiative presented by President Obama April 3 at Utah’s Hill Air Force base.

President Obama speaks on solar energy jobs

President Obama speaks on solar energy jobs

About the program:

Obama launched the new initiative by introducing the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Solar Ready Vets program, which will help drive growth in the solar industry while also contributing to the DOE’s goal to train 75,000 workers in the solar industry across the country by 2020.  The program is expanding to 10 military bases across the country, including Utah’s Hill Air Force Base.

Greg Butterfield, CEO of Vivint Solar commented on the development:

The solar industry is growing rapidly, adding jobs 10 times faster than the rest of the economy. We are excited to see the ‘Solar Ready Vets’ program expand and we will continue to support our nation’s veterans in our hiring programs.

Vivint Solar extended job offers to all 20 graduates of the United States DOE’s ‘Reach for the Sun’ program in February and plans to continue to offer jobs to veterans and new solar workers as the industry grows.

The Solar Ready Vets program will train transitioning military service individuals for careers in the solar industry as installers, sales representatives, system inspectors and other solar-related occupations.

Lance Futch, current Vivint Solar CAD designer and active member of the Utah National Guard, represented the company at a round table discussion with President Obama in Utah. Futch is one of the 1,063 Utah residents employed by Vivint Solar in Utah.

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