What Does It Take to Change the Energy Direction of a Country?

Energy Direction of a Country
Solar research in Germany is part of the transistion plan

Energy Direction of a Country – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

In order to change the course of energy consumption habits and sources of energy for a country, you need to have full agreement of all of people, a detailed plan and the will to follow the plan to the end. We have seen many countries state that they are going to change their energy direction from fossil fuels or nuclear power to clean renewable energy but few have had as much success as the country of Germany.

Germany's history for renewable energy

Graph of Germany’s energy transition

Labelled by the country as their energy transitions plan to renewable energy, it is a detailed road map that will end in being completely free from fossil fuels or nuclear power. This effort has caused investments and creation of new technologies and companies that have contributed to the economic growth of the country. Germany is now an acknowledged economic power house in Europe and the EU.

This video produced by the department of German Trade and Investment outlines this journey that we should all applaud and take note of .

We need more such plans for every country in the world.

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