California is Feeling The Impact of Climate Change First Hand

The impact of global warming in California
The impact of global warming in California

The Impact of Climate Change – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

California has been on the forefront of emissions legislation for last 30 years. This is because in California’s largest cities ,smog has become unbearable. California has been at the forefront of renewable energy and is known for supporting all forms of solar and wind energy as well as bio-fuel. For all of this effort the impact of global climate change is now hitting them hard and the state is in the middle of a terrific drought. 

In the four years since the drought in California began, the lack of water has cost thousands of jobs, caused noticeable changes in the landscape and induced desperation among citizens who are running out of options. In search of a solution, farmers who have drilled deeper and deeper into the ground for available water have sought help from unlikely sources.

How bad is the draught in California

How bad is the drought in California?

NewsHour’s John Larson reports

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