Brazil Needs to Move to Solar Energy Technology and Quickly!

Brazil Needs to Move to Solar Energy
Brazil drought impact electricity costs

Needs to Move to Solar Energy – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

If you have ever been to Brazil you will start to get a feel for how large this country is and how developed it is becoming. The world’s sixth largest economy has more people entering the middle class than anywhere else on earth.

So how has this huge economy powered you ask? Great question. Over 90 percent of Brazil’s electricity comes from hydro electric generation which explains why with the latest climate change induced drought the country is entering not just a water crisis but also a power crisis. Less water in the reservoirs means less water ahead of the huge hydro turbines and therefore less potential for electricity generation.

Brazil needs to move to solar energy quicky

Brazil needs to move to solar energy quicky

The good news for Brazilians is that much of the country is bathed by sun year round. There is not doubt that Brazil has all kinds of potential for solar energy. But up until recently, Brazilians have not been investing in the alternative power source. With the increase in electricity prices and a decrease in the cost of solar panels, interest is heating up rapidly.



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