Wind Turbines Are Best Left Running Unless You Are a Base Jumper

Heading out on the blade of a wind turbine
The ultimate wind energy fan

Wind Turbines Are Best Left Running – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

You have to really love wind energy as a base jumper, to want to walk this turbine blade at 300 feet in the air before jumping off and floating to earth. That is what is happening in this video. A willing partner in the event, shutdowns the 2 megawatt wind turbine ( it is much easier to walk on this way) so that one blade is horizontal and ready to be walked on.

walking the wind turbine blade

Please do not try this at home

I hope that the 400 homes that suddenly lost power so they could shoot this video didn’t have dinner in the oven or were not watching the big game with friends and family, but really it is pretty cool to watch.

Taking the plunge of a wind turbine blade

Stepping off in a leap of faith

Me, I am not afraid of heights but for sure I am afraid of falling of a 300 foot turbine blade.

Sky diving off of a wind turbine blade at 300 feet

Of course this adventure will end better if you remember the parachute

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