We Must Not Forget The Heavy Risks Involved with a Nuclear Powered Planet

Hollande must abandon a nuclear future
Renewable energy from wave,sun and wind must be our plan. Not nuclear disaster

Nuclear Powered Planet – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

Many governments around the world, even after the 3 Mile Island and Chernobyl nuclear accidents occurred, still planned their future energy projects with Nuclear power in the mix. Then on March 11th, 2011 Japan experienced the horror of  Fukushima and as the realization dawned on them that their energy infrastructure might someday be the end of life on their small island.

Since then many of the smarter countries have decided to move away from Nuclear power in favor of other safer sources. In fact many have made formal announcements of the date when they will be nuclear power free.


Greenpeace intends to hold them to their promise and so should we.

Greenpeace anti nuclear power demonstration


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