Master of Science in Renewable Energy Program from the Iceland School of Energy

standing in the natural steam of a geothermal pipe in iceland
Students get hands on experience

Renewable Energy Program from the Iceland School of Energy – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

Our readers are always asking us to highlight renewable energy education and especially degree programs. Here is one from the wonderful country of Iceland

The Iceland School of Energy offers a unique opportunity to study sustainable energy in close cooperation with leaders in the field of renewable energy. The school brings together three important organisations, these are Reykjavik Energy Iceland GeoSurvey and Reykjavik University.

clean energy education in Iceland

About the MSc in Sustainable Energy

The MSc in Sustainable Energy is a broad-based, highly adaptable program, based on practical and fieldwork experience. Students study sustainable energy from the perspective of business, science and technology and learn about a wide range of renewable technologies that suit different regions and societies.

Iceland school of energy

Clean energy education in Iceland

This includes: geothermal energy, hydroelectric power, wind power and energy efficiency.


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