Four Futuristic Smart Cities to be Setup between Delhi and Mumbai, India

Smart cities feature electric and clean transportation

Futuristic Smart Cities – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

In India, the government is planning to set up smart cities along the Dedicated Freight Corridor between Delhi and
Mumbai. To start with the cities of Manesar, Changodar, Dahej and Shendra are being set up under as a pilot
project. This is according to a new report outlining an analysis of the green car market in India.

The idea for these cities is based on the models of successful Japanese smart cities of Kitakyushu, Toyota City and Yokohoma. The expected outcome of these projects is for these pilot cities to have world-class, self-sustainable habitats with minimal pollution levels, optimized energy supplies and efficient public transportation.

Hitachi smart cities being planned in India

Hitachi design for a smart clean city

Off course what is smart city with electric vehicles and clean transportation, so these cities will be equipped with state of the art charging stations for Electric vehicles. would be planned extensively for these cities.

The project would be implemented through public private partnership. Japanese Corporations such as
Hitachi, Mitsubishi, JGC Corp and Toshiba are expected to design and build these cities.

To learn more about the report click here

Photo Credit Hitachi

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