Things You Should Know Before You Ask for a Home Solar Power Quote

Home Solar Power Quote
Be better prepared to negotiate your solar project

Home Solar Power Quote – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

You may not want to actually design your home solar pv power system yourself but before you talk to a installation company to get an estimate it makes sense to understand the factors that will impact the size and price of your project.

Adding solar power to your home may be the smartest thing to do

Adding solar power to your home may be the smartest thing to do

In this video you will learn how to calculate the capacity ( kwatts) of the system you will need for the applications that you want. Maybe you only want a small system that can provide heat and some lighting in a emergency or maybe you want to sell power back to the grid. Maybe you have aspirations to go off-grid and be completely self sufficient. There some things you should know before you ask for that home solar power quote.

Sizing a solar pv power system

Learning the math will likely save you money

No mater the size , learning the calculations and factors will help you in negotiating your solar project.

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