Solar Impulse Attempts Flight from Myanmar to Chongqing in Southwest China

Pilot for Solar Impulse solar airplane celebrates landing
Pilots celebrate their latest leg of the round the world trip in a solar plane

– ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

Here is the latest update from the team at as they make history with their attempt to circumnavigate the earth in a solar power only airplane. This time the  is travelling from Myanmar to Chongqing in southwest China.

The trip is long and dangerous as the team must stay above the clouds to enjoy the needed benefits of the sun and to stay above the stormy weather that is always above the tip of the Himalayas mountain range.

Solar Impulse heads to China

Flying over China in a Solar powered plane

In this video one member of the team hints that very soon they will be attempting one of the legs of the flight with 2 pilots in the small cockpit instead of one. He jokes that since they are both very light is weight that the solar airship should be able to handle two pilots.

Solar Impulse soon to add a second pilot for the next flight

Two pilots in the solar airplane cockpit

I hope they are right.

View of the solar panels on the Solar Impulse Solar Airplane

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