When Choosing Education in Solar Energy Make Sure it is Hands On

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Education in the area of solar energy engineering is a fast growing area for colleges and universities around the world. Students are now able to be able find individual courses or full degree programs in solar energy as well as energy storage and efficiency.

In choosing any educational option for solar it is important to ensure that there is hands on work included as part of the course curriculum as this is the key to real understanding of engineering based subjects.

Mechanical engineering course solar thermal steam project

The finished solar thermal steam project

In the case of solar thermal energy, here is a small video of a solar steam generator  project that was part of a final year mechanical engineering project. After designing this solar thermal collector the students then built and tested it in a real world situation.

Extreme temperatures at the focal point of homemade solar steam generator

Free energy from the sun is easily able to make super-heated steam

The unit shown in the video can produce more than 500 Degree Celsius which will easily be able to supply steam to homes or manufacturing plants.

Enjoy the video

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