Solar Thin-film Power Generation Products Now More Available for Consumers

Thin-film solar product exhibition at the Chengdu Hanergy flagship store
Home solar products available in many stores now

Solar Thin-film Power Generation Products – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

Hanergy has launched a number of solar thin-film power generation application products for home and office use. The companies thin-film solar and end-use products are now available in sixty thin-film power generation flagship stores, experience stores, and various online platforms. 

These new product lines include BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics), residential power generation, agriculture application and other business systems, as well as an ultra-thin, mobile solar charging product, on-board micro-power station and many other products for consumer use.

Thin-film solar product exhibition at the Chengdu Hanergy flagship store

Residential solar thin-film products for home

In 2013, Hanergy’s residential power generation system became available throughout IKEA in the UK. The company has also expanded their residential system into the Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland and other European markets.

At the product launch ceremony, Liu Min, Deputy Chairman of Hangery Thin Film Power Group and Chairman of the Board and CEO of Hanergy Global Solar Power and Applications Group, said,

As the world’s largest and leading supplier of thin-film solar power generation integration solutions, Hanergy relies on its thin-film solar products and solar power generation solutions to allow the sun to shine into tens of thousands of households, allowing for a more prosperous and greener life.

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