In Texas You Don’t Have to Dig Too Deep to Find Solar Power Opportunities

 Solar Power Opportunities – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

In Texas, the City of Georgetown is getting two new solar power plants, totaling 150 megawatts of solar power capacity for 25-years. The solar power plants supplied by SunEdison will be brought online to the grid  in 2016. These generators will provide over 9,500 gigawatt-hours of clean energy to Georgetown through 2041, which is enough to power more than 24,000 homes a year for 25 years.

SolarEdison installers setting up a solar pv system

Solar energy jobs in the US out number coal jobs

This project will create close to 800 jobs in Texas during construction.

SunEdison St.Louis based global solar company

SunEdison home office logo

Paul Gaynor, Executive Vice President of North America Utility and Global Wind at SunEdison, had this to say about the Texas solar projects:

SunEdison is very excited to be working with Georgetown Utility Systems to provide their customers with 100% renewable, clean energy. Georgetown is an exceptional city, and by going 100% renewable they will cut down on pollution, save water, and enjoy stable energy prices. They’re able to accomplish all of this without spending a penny up front with SunEdison’s power purchase agreement. Georgetown is a model for other cities that hope to become powered by clean renewable energy.

Jim Briggs, interim city manager for the City and general manager for utilities also commented:

When Georgetown Utility Systems opted to seek new sources of power in 2012, we were charged with a mission to secure the most cost effective energy that balanced risk and reward. Georgetown Utility Services isn’t required to buy solar or other renewables – we did so because it will save on electricity costs and decrease our water usage. This power purchase agreement makes Georgetown Utility Systems one of the largest municipal utilities in the nation to be 100% renewable powered. It also provides a hedge against future fuel and regulatory risks.

About SunEdison

SunEdison is based in St. Peters, Missouri, and the company’s solar-energy headquarters is located in Belmont, California with offices throughout the world.The company also continues to manufacture silicon wafers for the semiconductor industry through its subsidiary SunEdison Semiconductor.

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  • gary says:

    What is SunEd’s cleaning solution for dirty solar panels? what is the Cost of loss power from dirty panels? they must have some numbers to share. Solar fields are in dirty,dusty dry spots not in the middle of Dallas. Its Solar’s dirty little secret the O&M cost. Investors need to know before you jump into solar

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