Are the Sunshine States Abandoning the Sun in Favor of Fossil Fuel Profits?

Sunshine States Loss Interest in Solar Power and Energy Efficiency
Sunshine state utilities fight back against solar energy and efficiency

Sunshine States – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

In Germany, where there the available solar resources are much lower than the average, they have managed to install sufficient solar energy technology to provide up to 50% of there electricity requirements from the sun. They are now investigating ways to add and control even more solar and renewable energy. At the same time they have been working to reduce their energy loads by energy efficiency measures for industry and residences.

Rachel Madow and the attack on solar energy in Florida

Sunshine state abandon the sun for profits

Meanwhile in the United States, in states which due to their tremendous solar energy potential should all be considered as sunshine states, the opposite is occurring. These states so far are limited to Arizona, Florida and Kansas where they have managed to either tax home owners for using home based solar power or stop the rebate incentives to install it in the first place.

The utilities make money by selling energy and the more energy we use the more they can sell us. This is the basic equation that they have landed on to justify abandoning or greatly reducing their effort not only to move to solar power but also to reduce the demand today through energy efficiency.

Check out what Rachel Maddow has to say about this. One thing for sure this battle is far from over but the outcome in the end is certain.

Bet on the sun.

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