Time Lapse Video of a Large Wind Turbine being Installed in a Town in Ireland

Inside the Nacel head for a new wind turbine blade
The view before the 3rd blade goes in the Nacel head of the wind turbine

Time Lapse Video of a Large Wind Turbine – (Solar Thermal Magazine)

It the US, there is a lot of controversy about locating wind turbines too close to homes and even locating them within view when they are miles offshore. This is the case in Maine with the Cape wind project as many long time residents took the approach of not in my backyard. I would certainly agree if we were talking about a coal plant or nuclear generator.

It is not too hard to imagine that having a huge wind turbine too close to your house would not be a good thing, but having one close to your hamlet or town can ensure a clean energy supply for years to come.

Building the base for a huge wind turbine in Ireland

Wind turbine construction using time lapse video

In this video you will see, with the magic of time lapse technology, the construction of a wind turbine in County Cork, Ireland.  The turbine is fairly large and with the blades in place it reaches over 100 m in height.

We have included several still pictures for you to see that are quite spectacular.

Enjoy the project, start to finish is only a few minutes.


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