A Window Opening Sized DIY Solar Air Heater You Can Build at Home

soda can solar thermal air heater for home DIY
Free heat from the sun with a simple DIY window sized solar thermal air heater

Window Opening Sized DIY Solar Air Heater ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

One of the most easily available recyclable materials that is almost free to everyone are pop cans or soda cans if you live in the southern U.S. Using these cans you can very easily make a solar air heater at home in your spare time with very little effort and almost no cost.

Raising the temperature of your house with a solar air heater

Measuring the hot air from the DIY solar heater

Here is a design for a small window sized soda can solar thermal air heater that can be sized to whatever window opening you have available. To make one that fits, just take your window opening measurements ( measure twice , cut once) and size your wooden heater box to fit.

Closeup of a soda can hot solar thermal heater

Painted soda cans are part of the solar air heater design

Here is what you will need for material to build one of these.

  • thin plywood or flat board of some kind,
  • pop cans and black spray paint
  • a piece of Plexiglas large enough to cover the box face.
  • nails and glue and screws ( for the plexiglass )

Here are the tools you are going to need:

  • hammer ,saw and drill
  • measuring tape and screw driver
  • can opener
  • door handle hole cutter

Once completed and installed in your window opening you will have a device that can easily add free heat your room or house powered from the sun.I hope you actually make one for yourself and family.

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