Installing and Maintaining Solar Energy Generation in India

Cleaning sand off of solar pv panels in India
Sand covering the solar panels can reduce the power output to zero

Solar Energy Generation in India ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

Recently Tata Power completed a large solar pv farm in the town of Mithapur India. This 17 MW solar power plant took over 20,000 man-hours to complete with almost 74,000 solar panels involved. In  a region where people have access to very little power or no power at all, having this solar farm near them must seem like a dream.

In this video you can clearly see the build up of sand on the solar panels that must be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid the loss of energy production.

India intends to install over 20,000 MWatts of solar electric generation before the year 2022, and this is just the beginning of such local projects.

Workers in India for Tata Solar begin wiring the solar panels

Many jobs were created to install the solar famr


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