Solar Thermal Collector Research on Flat-plates at Queen’s University

Thermography of solar thermal hot water collector
The hot spots in a solar flat-plate collector

Solar Thermal Collector Research – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

The Director of Alternative Energy for Parteq Innovations, at Queen’s University in Ontario Canada, has been working to solve a problem that has plagued solar thermal technology and especially flat-plate collectors for hot water which is they that they overheat.

Queens University solar thermal energy research

Solar hot water collectors

When a solar collector systems is not in use, all the heat energy gets trapped in the absorb-er system and temperatures can rise to over 200 degrees F. This can cause damage to the system over time. Homeowners have been known to climb on their roof and cover the collectors with blankets when they do not need more hot water.

Researchers at Queen’s University are studying this problem to provide some new solutions to this issue.


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