Solar Energy in India is Changing the Country Forever

India is investing in solar power manufacturing and technology
High tech solar plants make solar pv and thin film products

Solar Energy in India – (Solar Thermal Magazine)

India has set themselves a very ambitious goal of adding 20 Gigawatts of solar generated electricity by 2022. In many rural areas of the country people either have no access to electricity or experience rolling blackouts 10 to 12 hours per day. For these people and rural farmers, solar energy has become a life shaver and a necessity.

A female worker in India part of the solar energy revolution

Expanding India’s solar energy footprint will create thousands of new jobs

With local solar power, farmers are able work their fields more effectively and students are able to study longer at night. Providing all of the solar panels and inverters that will be needed to increase their solar energy generation by 20 Gwatts will require Indian solar manufactures to expand both operations and R&D. This will mean a lot of good paying jobs being created.

Solar energy allows students in India to study more hours a day

Solar energy makes learning easier for students in India

In this video you will see first hand the inside of a high tech solar factory that produces both solar pv and thin films products as well as witness the rural demand that exists for clean energy. The country has over 300 days of sunshine a year which is more than enough to meet their energy demands if they adopt solar technology.


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  • Rajiv Arora says:

    I need help to set up solar busines in and around Delhi and NCR.please guide.

  • Sure Indian Solar Industry is poised for a giant leap , with the Govts initiative to have 100 GW of Solar PV and atleast 20 GW of Solar Thermal by 2022..
    Many leading companies have staked in 10,000 MW upwards..

    Please advise how small marketers & integrators like us can grow and be a part of this ?

    Thanks & Best regards,


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