Rice University Researchers Use Nanoparticles to Convert Solar Energy Directly into Steam

Rice University researchers find a new way to make steam
Solar steam has many possible applications

Rice University Researchers – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

Researchers at Rice University, with help from the Bill and Belinda Gates Foundation have found an innovative new way to make steam from solar energy. This scientific team has unveiled a revolutionary new technology that uses nanoparticles to convert solar energy directly into steam.

This new “solar steam” method from Rice’s Laboratory for Nanophotonics is said to be so effective it can even produce steam from icy cold water.

Solar collector makes steam from nanoparticles

Rice University with the Bill and Belinda Gates Foundation

Making steam from solar nanoparticles Rice University


The technology’s inventors said they expect it will first be used in sanitation and water-purification applications in the developing world.

William Marsh Rice University, commonly referred to as Rice University or Rice, is a private research university located on a 295-acre campus in Houston, Texas,

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