New Hampshire Utilities Hijack Solar Energy Legislation to Monopolize the Sun

New Hampshire utilities trying to limit home solar
Utilities are terrified of home solar energy

Solar Energy Legislation ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

Barry Goldwater Jr.’s conservative solar organization Tell Utilities Solar won’t be Killed (TUSK) launched in New Hampshire this week in response to the electric utilities’ legislative attack on solar choice and competition.

Monopolist utilities Eversource Energy, Liberty Utilities, Unitil Energy Systems Inc. and the New Hampshire Electric Cooperative, Inc. have hijacked solar bill SB 117 in an attempt to stifle competition and tax rooftop solar out of existence before it even has a chance to take off in the Granite State.

Initially, SB 117 expanded a fundamental solar policy called net metering.  Now it includes, deceptive language that would allow utilities to get guaranteed profits for building and owning rooftop solar.  Instead of facilitating the growth of a competitive market, the bill would let utilities commandeer the market and force local, private companies out of business.

“The utilities want to be the only ones who can own and build rooftop solar,” said TUSK Chairmain Barry Goldwater Jr.

That’s anti-competitive, and it’s also anti-conservative.

The bill also includes language that would prevent solar customers from using the energy they produce on site. They would have to sell all of their local, solar energy back to the utility, and then get taxed on the sale.  This forced, hidden taxation would penalize consumers who invest private capital in putting solar on their own roofs.

Utilities have launched crusades across the country to stomp out competition from rooftop solar. New Hampshire is now the site of the latest attack.  Eversource Energy, Liberty Utilities, Unitil Energy Systems Inc. and the New Hampshire Electric Cooperative, Inc. are attempting to maintain their monopoly status by corrupting free market policy.

TUSK urges New Hampshire voters to stand strong for choice, competition, and property rights in the energy market. Don’t be fooled by this latest encroachment of utility deceit.

About Tell Utilities Solar won’t be Killed
TUSK was formed to create a united front through which the public can tell utilities that solar is right for conservatives and right for America.

CONTACT: Mike Scerbo, (774) 553-5234


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