Is the Drive for Clean Energy Starting to Reduce Our CO2 Emissions?

Globa CO2 as seen from space
NASA video of CO2 from space over one year

Drive for Clean Energy ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

For many years we have seen the level of CO2 emissions increasing at an alarming rate as population and industrialization increases. The only time in history that we typically see a decrease or stalling of the increase is during periods of global economic downturn.

2014 was a year where the global economy was not in recession but in improvement as we recover from the mortgage and banking debacle of 2008. The international energy agency is reporting that the production of global CO2 in 2014 did not increase from 2013.

Growth in global CO2 emissions stalls in 2014

Even in China efforts are underway to reduce CO2 and pollution

This is very good news that maybe we can interpret as a glimmer of hope that we can reverse our direction of CO2 absorption in the oceans and atmosphere responsible for climate instability and ocean warming.

Smoke stack thowing CO2 and water vapor into the atmosphere

We need to work even harder to stop global CO2 emissions

This is not a time to rest on our laurels but rather to redouble our efforts to effect some real change and leave a world for future generations that is better than it may have been.

Here is a video from NASA that show global CO2 levels as seen from space over a one year period.

Clean energy development is well  on its way to being the leading power source for the global economy and a major driver for economic prosperity. Time to celebrate and push harder everyone..

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