Dubai Police Force Add a BMW i8 Electric Hybrid to Super-car Line Up

BMW I8 is a police car in Dubai
Dubai police go green or just another super car?

i8 – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

The Police in Dubai are known for needing and buying very expensive, fast and exotic cars for their force. You will see everything from a Porsche to a Lamborghini being used to chase down speeders and deadbeats.

They have very recently added a BMW i8 to their line-up in an apparent attempt to go a little bit green ( or maybe it is just that it is a fast supercar). The BMW i8 is an electric hybrid super fast sports car and a recent addition from BMW.

Dubai police inspect their new BMW I8 police car

The BMW i8 makes a great but expensive police car in Dubai

The video released is in Arabic ( we have a lot of readers that speak Arabic so this one is for them) but you do not need to hear the sound track to understand a great car. While it is electric mode it wont make any real sound at all.

About the BMW i8


CO2 emissions in g/km 49
Consumption combined in l/100 km 2.1

Range and charge time

Electric range in km 37*
Electric range (mean customer value) in km 25-35
Maximum total range in km** 600*
Gross capacity of lithium-ion battery in kWh 7.1
Charging time of high-voltage battery in h at 3.7 kW/12 A (80 %) 2.5
Charging time of high-voltage battery in h at 16 A (Wallbox) (80 %) 2


Maximum speed on purely electric power in km/h 120
Maximum speed in km/h 250
Acceleration from 0–60 km/h on purely electric power in seconds 4.5
Acceleration from 0–100 km/h in seconds 4.4
Elasticity from 80–120 km/h in seconds (4th gear) 3.4
Elasticity from 80–120 km/h in seconds (5th gear) 4.0


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