What it Takes to Circumnavigate the Globe in a Solar Airplane!

Sunrise under the wing of the Solar Impulse solar airplane
View from the top of the world

Circumnavigate the Globe in a Solar Airplane – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

Nestle research has been a sponsor of the Swiss Solar Impulse , solar airplane project almost from the beginning. The company describes their role in the endeavor as to develop and provide nutritional options for an extended journey around the world. Here is who Nestle describes the challenge.

Solar Impulse’s unprecedented mission brings with it unprecedented challenges. Food and water for a week will be carried on board, but weight is a key factor in the mission’s success.

There is only limited space on board to exercise given the very small cabin – the daily intake for the pilots is 2.4kg (5.2lbs) of food, 2.5l (84.5oz) of water, and 1l (33.8oz) of sports drink per day, during the longest legs of the flight.

The nutritional program is personalized, with a nutritionally adapted dietary plan for each pilot, aimed at coping with extreme environmental conditions. The program is also designed to be sustainable and rewarding for the pilots.


This is an amazing undertaking when you think about it. This research may some day lead to all air travel being powered only by the sun!


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