Module-integrated Solution that Optimizes the Energy Output of Solar PV Systems

Energy Output of Solar PV Systems ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

Trina Solar Limited today announced that its Trinasmart panels are now part of the technology solution that Vivint Solar, Inc. offers to its customers.

According to the company, Trinasmart is a module-integrated solution that optimizes the energy output of PV systems, enhances solar array safety, improves installation speeds and reduces balance of system costs.

“Vivint Solar is a solar industry leader that is delivering cost-effective and innovative solutions every day. That’s why we’re excited to partner with them and provide our high-performing Trinasmart modules for their residential offering,” said Jing Tian, Trina Solar Head of Global Marketing.

With Trinasmart, we can help Vivint Solar’s installation and operations and maintenance teams through faster install times, enhanced monitoring capability and advanced fire-safety features – putting them ahead of the curve in the distributed generation market.

“We are proud to offer homeowners advanced solar technology and plan to begin installing Trinasmart modules immediately,” said Jan Newman, Vice President of Business Development at Vivint Solar.

We are confident in the long-term value of monitoring system performance on the module level with Trinasmart.

About Trinasmart technology:

The patented Trinasmart technology is a complete solution that includes power optimization and monitoring built into the module junction box. Unlike other modules, Trinasmart allows monitoring and control of the PV array at the module level. System performance can also be monitored and controlled in real time with a smart mobile device or PC thanks to the web-based Trinasmart platform,

Trinasmart also improves the safety of the PV system: in cases of electrical failure (e.g. flashing arc), Trinasmart shuts down the affected modules automatically. Moreover, in the case of a fire emergency, the modules can be totally deactivated to eliminate high voltages and secure the safety of firefighters. Trinasmart is fully covered by Trina Solar’s 10-year product warranty and 25-year linear performance warranty, and it complies with NEC’s 690.12 Rapid Shutdown requirement.

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