How Different is Solar PV Manufacturing in China?

Adding texture to a solar pv module cell
Video explaining how a solar pv module is made

Solar PV Manufacturing in China ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

When it comes to solar photo-voltaic or pv for short, the manufacturing processes are as sophisticated and automated as any car plant or semiconductor factory around the world. Solar pv factories in China are no exception to this as the country has some of the largest, fastest solar production processes of all.

how a solar pv cell and panel are made

Here is a very good video from one Chinese solar pv manufacturer that does a very good job of explaining the process start to finish. Costs for solar pv technology rely less on the cost of labor which is low as an industry and more on the cost of materials and efficiency of manufacturing.

manufacturing a solar pv module

a hi Tech factory in China makes solar modules

Enjoy the video


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